Bird stencil wall art

$ 5.00

The size of Bird stencil wall art design below is precise estimation. What this means is that you can put the artwork on the same size of material perfectly.

This product comes as a digital download. No physical product will be sent.

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Title : Bird stencil wall art
File type : dxf
Size : 600×800 mm
Seamless : No
Licence : [CAW]-std

This Bird stencil wall art design is made in 600 x 800 mm dimension, to get best result we suggest same size of materials. You can modify the dxf file into any size, however scaling down may not guarantee the same quality of results.

We develop our very own method using “closed polyline” to improve the quality of dxf file . Our method solve spline problem and too many short lines problem so the result is clean, smooth and high quality dxf file for use in CAM program. And we continuously develop our methods to bring better product.

To check the compatibility and quality of our dxf file with your machine, please check our free dxf section.