Term and Condition

Last update : August 27, 2021


You are not allowed to resell, sub-licensing, repacked and redistributed the design file.
You are granted to render it in your own scene for promotional purpose ( printable & web ) and create product both for individual or commercial purpose.

If you ordered services converting artwork to dxf, the file automatically have this license. Its mean you have full right.
At the moment, this license not yet available for our product (custom product only).

Please select the product(s) carefully! After you finished purchasing process, there are no refund will be issued.

File type
The dxf art are builts from line, arc or circle so there are no spline. If you found any product contain spline, contact info@cadartwork.com and cadartwork will fix it asap free of charge.

Other condition
The products are provided “as is” without any warranty. The products are tested open in Autocad and scanned from viruses or malware.
Once you make a purchase, you are agree to bound with this term and conditions.

After payment process success, the product(s) will be available for 6 times download. Please contact us if you need more with your reason.
Download expiry : 14 Days

Altering or revisions are special for screen product only. We use 20 mm border and 1200 x 2400 mm as standard size. Example :

Let say you want to change the border to 50 mm with your custom size ( only below our standard size ) like 1000 x 1500 etc.

We provide 1 time revision / altering or for 30 days after payment process.