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CadArtWork new file types

Cushion stencil 01

In 2021 we added two new popular file types : svg and pdf.

This is due to the fact that our designs are not only used for laser machines. Some of them are used for cutting sticker machines and direct printing machines.

Hopefully with the availability of these new file types, you can choose which one is the best for your machine.


Last update : 8/22/2021

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End Year Sale 2017

end year sale 2017

Pay less, get more :


Buy 1 product and get 2 total product

In general, we have 2 types of products.

1. Screen Panel
Mostly in 1200×2400 mm or higher size

2. Clip art
Mostly below 400×400 mm

Buy screen panel product to get extra panels or buy clip art product  to get extra clip art products

How to :

1. Buy 1 clip art product type to get 1 extra clip art products or buy 1 Screen panel product type to get 1 extra screen panels

2. Choose the extra products, following point 1

3. Forwarding the receipt/invoice and write down your extra product SKU code.

example ( 17-dxf-012, 16-dxf-195, 16-dxf-189 )

4. Send to

5  We will send your extra products by replying your email

Applies multiply

Promo valid from December 27, 2017 to January 6, 2018

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Tech Info

Last update December, 31, 2015

Layer :

1. layer 0 : cut path, closed polyline in dxf format
2. layer Border : Border (square) to identify 300×300 mm size / canvas
3. Defpoint : unused
4. Engraver_line : Engraving / etching path



Line thickness :

Generic, will be read as hairline in coreldraw. Please maintain it as per your machine requirements.

Suggestion settings :

We create the artwork in generic dxf setting, because not every machine
use same settings. So you must do a bit tweaking according to your machine requirements.

1. Please reorder layer visibility
2. Please maintain / change engraver_line thickness

We know we are far from perfect setting, but we try our best. Please contact for any suggestion.

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Images to dxf conversion service

Cadartwork provide service converting your artwork to ready cut dxf files, with this specifications :

Vector artwork :

* Ai version CS6
* SVG from various apps including Inkscape
* Cdr save as version 12
* Splines dxf

Raster :

* Png
* Bmp
* Jpg
* Other raster format including photo or scanned image


image to dxf
image to dxf

Our fee for vector artwork conversion are started from $5 ( conversion only ). And our standard delivery time is 24 hrs, mostly less than 20 hrs except we are in holiday season.

Raster / images to dxf conversion are more complicated process, please contact us for discussing it. For this format, higher resolution are better.

Final result are ready to cut dxf files, mean the dxf files will contain no splines ( lines, arc & circle ), let us know if your machine do not accept circle form.

If you are cnc hobbyist or started cnc company we are ready to assist you. Download our freebie to check our sample dxf.